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Head of Product Management

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  • Project Management
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The Head of Product Management leads the Product Management team with a focus on enhancing the definition and growth of the product in its market. The Head of Product Management is the primary driver of the management of the product’s roadmap based on the adopted strategies and vision.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Head of Product Management

Supervisory Role: The Head of Product Management coordinates the roles of our senior in the product management department, that are the Product Owners & Product Leaders. The Head of Product Management constantly ensures that the functions of these positions are properly and effectively being executed.

Innovation: The Head of Product Management further ensures that necessary steps are being taken to make any modifications that are being made in the product or strategy in order to bring out the best results for the business.

Collaboration: As mentioned, the position of Head of Product Management is of cross-functional nature and this implies a high level of collaboration with different departments and different levels. The Head of Product Management partners up with other product departmental leaders in order to align and execute product strategies and ensure that each department receives the right level of support due from its colleagues.

The Head of Product Management also works very closely with the engineering department, design, sales, marketing, and other departments to deliver the business’s product into the market.

Required Qualifications of the Head of Product Management

Education: A suitable candidate will have a master’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Engineering, Computer Science, or an equivalent in working experience.

Experience: The candidate must have 10-12 years of experience in product management or project management in complex/matrix environments. Preferably this experience will be inclusive of at least 5 years experience in the field of Economics.

Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills are a must for this position. The position is a supervisory position and communication must be effective down the line in order to ensure the proper execution of the roles/functions in all junior positions.

Additionally, the Head of Product Management is expected to collaborate with other product departmental heads in the performance of their intertwining duties. The Head of Product Management will also be required to regularly make presentations to the Director of Product Management as well as Stakeholders. In both these two cases, communication skills are an absolute necessity for effective conveyance of information.

Leadership/People Skills: As the Head of the Product Management Department, a good candidate will demonstrate strong leadership skills with an ability to move his peers as well as his juniors and have them follow a common vision. Great leadership should further be coupled with excellent people skills. People skills are what will makes people want to follow him and readily and happily apply his directives; hence improving the cohesion and functionality of the Product Management department.

Analytical Skills: The Head of Product Management should also demonstrate a high level of analytical and quantitative skills. He should possess the ability to use information/data and various metrics to develop an informed and factual business case. The Head of Product Management also has to have strong financial analytical capabilities that are used to further develop informed product strategies, which subsequently improves product performance.

Agility and Lean Skills: The intention of the head of product is to work closely with product development and manage the product direction and requirements based on market research, customer feedback, and development capacity, being data driven and applying the golden rules of the agile project management and the lean thinking ones (fail-fast, MVP, etc.). This role in an Agile environment works hand in hand with the development teams, thru the coordination of the Product Owners and Leaders,  to clarify user stories, product vision, and specifications, manage backlogs, and maximize the product’s value to the business. The head of product communicates the business intentions to the development teams so that they have a clear understanding of why they are being asked to do what they do.The head of product typically have a basic understanding of software development, are effective communicators, and understand the need to address customer problems.

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